Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ember - Jessica Sorensen

Definitely my top read of the year... buy this book, it's 99 cents!!!

Ember (Death Collectors, #1)Ember by Jessica Sorensen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of the books!!! You are unsure of it and start reading and the writing style and concept sucks you in so completely that you literally can't put it down.  I started it last night and finished this morning.

Ember is a very unique and special human being and she doesn't really know it, all she knows is she's cursed, everyone in town hates her with the exception of her best friend Raven and her brother Ian. 

When two new kids show up at school the same week that seem to hate each other but claim not to know each other and both want to date Ember obviously you think typical love triangle cliche that you've read thousands of times.

This one is different, the concept of the story is what captivates you.  The ending isn't even happy it's cryptic.  The book is dark but amazing.  I honestly didn't know which guy was good and which one wasn't.  I just had my guesses. 

I've rarely bought any of the cheaper books on here and lately I've been reading quite a few, hands down this was my favorite and I will be adding all of her books to my queue and I CANNOT wait for number 2 of the Death Collectors comes out...

Just wow.  Read this, it's my first 5 star review of the year!!!

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