Sunday, March 9, 2014

Erased - Jennifer Rush

Erased (Altered, #2)Erased by Jennifer Rush

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I love the Altered series...  This book was incredibly fast paced and there was nonstop action!  What did I love about this book?  Anna and the boys are on the run and you get to see glimpses of them without the farmhouse setting, there are flashbacks, stolen cars, and fights in almost every chapter.  We get to meet and get to know Dani, Anna's sister and of course we learn about Anna's past and how she came to be a part of the Altered program. 

I love the boys and the action was intense.  There's always danger lurking at every corner!  I will say, that I love Nick way more than I even like Sam.  To me, Sam is not right for Anna and we never really get to see his personality or lack thereof.  And after reading this book I guarantee you'll be on team Nick because he is just INCREDIBLE! 

It's a great story, I've heard there is another one coming out but honestly she tied up all the loose ends really well in Erased and I don't see much of a need for a third book however I will read it as Jennifer Rush knows how to write in a way that just captures your attention from the start.  Awesome read!!!

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