Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Haunting Emma - Surrender - Lee Nichols

I have not even a clue what I'm going to be reading next.  I have a copy of Hunting Lila and I already started Betrayed from the Guardian Legacy but those are both hard copies and I am really preferring the versatility of my kindle, I can even bring it to the gym.

So I'm going to go through some of the samples I sent to myself and try to find another good series to read.  Or just a good book would be nice.

Here's my review for Haunting Emma book 3, Surrender, by Lee Nichols:
Surrender  (Haunting Emma, #3)Surrender by Lee Nichols

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I really enjoyed this Saga for the most part, Lee Nichols is good at developing characters.  In this book I really grew to like Natalie and Lukas even more as well as Coby, Sara, & Harry.  Craven and Moorehead were involved as always and there was a lot more action in this book.

Obviously since this was the end of the trilogy we had to deal with Bennett's drug problems, his parents, Emma's parents, killing Neos, Natalie & Lukas' budding relationship, and every other problem in between.  This was the book that sews up all the openings left in the plot and story from the first two books. It ties up all of the loose ends.

I found myself really liking Bennett's dad.  He was a great character, Simon wasn't in the book much which was kind of sad, I was angry with Bennett throughout the story but towards the end I changed my mind about him.  Max was actively involved in this story.  It was nice to see the brother/sister relationship.  Emma's parents were in this novel with multiple appearances.

I was only left with one real question after reading this book, what did Natalie end up deciding about Lukas?  Their feelings were strong but that part was left unfinished to me.  She and Emma needed to fight together but she also loved Lukas.  I'm not sure if things changed after the big finale between the two of them or not.  Either way this was an ending I was satisfied with and I will really miss Coby, Emma, Harry, Sara, Natalie, & Lukas.  Even Craven and Moorehead.  :)  I hope to find another series that I enjoy the characters as much as in this one.  They truly cared for each other and it was such a nice diversion from the typical mean girl type books full of love triangles.  :D

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