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Spell Bound - Hex Hall Series - Rachel Hawkins

I paused my Soul Screamers series because 2 books I've been waiting for came out today!!!  So I read one really fast... (Spell Bound the end of the Hex Hall series) and plan on reading the other one tomorrow...

So I don't put spoilers on my reviews on Amazon or Goodreads and I will try not to here either but I want to say I am SO mad at what Rachel Hawkins did to my favorite character in this entire series...  Ugh, I wanted to scream WHY at her!!!!  Okay...  Here's my review:

Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3)Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So here's the deal... I refuse to give spoilers away but I am SHOCKED at what Miss Rachel Hawkins did with this book!!!  Let's go back, I stayed up til 1 AM reading this.  I'm now writing the review while it's fresh in my mind.  I am disappointed but this book is an excellent ending to the saga.  All of our favorite characters are back plus new ones so you have Cal, Archer, Sophie, her parents, Jenna, Elodie, the Casnoff sisters and their demons, etc... Some new characters include the Brannick family (Aislinn, Finley, Izzy, and a surprise too).

What I loved, Jenna & Sophie's friendship.  Cal's love and devotion for Sophie.  I honestly just LOVE Cal and could never understand why Sophie was so devoted to Archer.  I will tell you that the love triangle ends with the saga.  You will have a definitive answer on who Sophie ends up with. 

Another thing I really enjoyed was that Elodie went into Sophie's body many times to help as well as mess around and I found the comedic humor in Sophie's head and the arguing between the two girls to be quite funny and I really grew to like Elodie's character.  I also believe she may find love, even in the ghost world.

I really liked Izzy, the 14 year old Brannick sister.  As well as the man in the mirror, I believe his name was Torin.  :) 

The book begins EXACTLY where it left off.  Sophie has just woken up out of the Itineris and has no idea where she is.  She has no powers and she must work with her loved ones to stop the Casnoff sisters from turning every student at Hecate (Hex Hall) into demons.  I think the most emotional part of the story is when they literally go into the underworld or "hell" and you see devastating moments from the past and future.  This is where I want to give you the spoiler, but I cannot and will not you have to read the book for yourself to see what happens.

:)  4 Stars for being a good end to the saga.  I would have given it a 5 had there been a few changes to the ending.  I did hear a rumor of a spinoff of this series and I'm guessing it would be Izzy's story?  I can't think of any other character who would have a spinoff.  I do hope this is true and cannot wait to read the next book published by Rachel Hawkins. 

And just for you Rachel Hawkins... WHY DID YOU DO THAT??????????????????????

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