Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haunting Emma - Deception - Lee Nichols

I was perusing the books trying to find something to read and sent myself samples of about 6 books, this was the first sample I started and what can I say, I really liked Emma... so now I'm going in to read the series!

Deception (Haunting Emma, #1)Deception by Lee Nichols

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I wasn't sure what to expect, I just saw this and sent myself the free kindle sample and immediately liked Emma's spunky personality.  She was really fun to get to know.  Before I knew it, I brought the book with me everywhere (I bought it yesterday, finished it last night), I read while I was at the gym, I read while cooking dinner, and I finished it up around midnight.  I took very few breaks.  It was a real attention grabber from the get go.

It may not be super original but I'm really starting to like ghost stories and this one is turning out really good.  I liked Emma, I like the other characters.  I'm actually disappointed that a couple of them died.  And best of all, this book has actual laugh out loud moments.  I started laughing while riding the bike at the gym because of something Emma said to one of the other characters.  Who doesn't enjoy a book that makes you happy, sad, and grabs your attention?

It is a really easy, quick, light read.  I have already started book 2.  And plan on reading book 3 as well.  I am really enjoying my time with Emma Vaille.

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