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Haunting Emma - Betrayal - Lee Nichols

I started book 3 this morning, which is titled Surrender and it has a good start to it.  I'm hoping it will rock the series back to the way it started in book 1!  :D  Then afterwards I have no idea what I'll do, some exciting news, Lisa DesRochers 3rd installment in the Personal Demons series comes out 6 weeks from yesterday and I am so excited to see what happens with Luke & Frannie!!!  Now to find books to read for the next 6 weeks, guess I'll start going down my queue on Goodreads...

Betrayal (Haunting Emma, #2)Betrayal by Lee Nichols

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So the hardest book in a series is always book 2.  I read book 1 in a day, book 2 I read in 4 days.  It wasn't as entertaining and I've been trying to decide between 3-4 stars so I'd say a solid 3.5.  I do like this series, I really love Emma and Natalie.  The characters are great, Coby's ghost was in this one a lot and I really like Coby as well as the jocks who taunt Emma.

There's a little bit of humor for older teens/young adults.  In this book Emma is set to fix things with Harry and Sara who have lost it since Coby's death, fight off Neos, and be with Bennett.  All of which go terribly wrong. 

I like that the same characters are back, there are surprises, you get to meet Emma's family, there is a traitor among them.  The book definitely has enough to capture your enjoyment but at the end they didn't accomplish much.  The huge action scene only rid us of a tiny problem, hence having a 3rd book.

I can't be in love with Bennett when he's never around so I don't feel that connection with those two...  I wish I did.  I know she's attracted to him but that's all the depth I've really seen.

I do believe book 3 will be better than book 2.  I've found in almost all sagas book number 2 never lives up to the first but typically book 3 throws us back into why we loved the series to begin with.  I'm excited to start book number 3.  I hope there's more action with the Rake whom I've grown fond of as well as Coby.  :D 

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