Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My review on Amazon/Goodreads...  Finished last night.  Now I'm definitely going to have to read book 2.  It had crazy twists at the end.  Definitely a fantastic book!!!  I have a musical to attend today for my preschooler for his Christmas presentation then hopefully some reading to be had - which I'll start now!

The Dark Divine (The Dark Divine, #1)The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was written really well. I bought it as a recommendation by some girls at the used bookstore, I had never heard of it because it hadn't ever showed up in my recommended reading list on my kindle. I'm glad it was recommended to me. I originally picked it up because there was a review in the back by Becca Fitzpatrick who is one of my favorite authors who said the book was great and mysterious, two of my favorite qualities in a book, I dislike knowing what is going to happen or figuring it out right away!

I don't give away spoilers just bits of information to help you decide if you want to read the book. This book is about the Divine family, with a name like that of course the dad is a Pastor. Mostly about Grace Divine and her brother Jude. (Grace is our heroine) Once a few years ago Jude's best friend Daniel lived with them and then his mother took him away. Well Daniel is back and wants to be around the Divine family again (mostly Grace), and Daniel is our hero, or is he?

Grace is convinced Daniel is a hero but someone is murdering people or at least mauling them like a dog and Jude is convinced it is Daniel. This book leaves you wondering what is going on, there are cooky characters like crazy Don Mooney, and there are normal family arguments. It's a great mixture of normal, family love, and paranormal. I really enjoyed this book from front to back and am now going to be purchasing book 2 on my Kindle today to find out what happens next as luckily for me this is one book I found after the sequel had already come out!!!

I would recommend this for teens on up. There isn't much as far as graphic scenes when it comes to kissing but there is some blood and dead body scenes that might be inappropriate for younger than teens.

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