Monday, December 19, 2011

I've got some books picked out to read, next on my list is Betrayed from the Guardian Legacy Series by Ednah Walters obviously because it was a gift and I'm excited to read it after months of searching.  It's only my second signed book.  Most of my books are in Kindle format nowadays and it's nice going back to books.

Then I have quite a few I would like to read, the next in The Dark Divine series first... but I have a few sitting here I got at a book discount store while out including: The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong Darkest Powers which I bought 1-3 because they were only $3.99 each so I hope they are good because I've never heard of them and I also bought Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann because someone at the bookstore recommended it.  I am still and always looking for more and suggestions are always welcome. 

As far as Betrayed, I have the original version and the old album cover which I posted first, I found a copy of the new album cover and I must admit, it looks a lot better in my opinion.  I'll be curious as to how much the actual book changes due to her change in publishers.  

I keep all suggestions on my Goodreads list or as samples in my kindle as to not forget.  =)



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