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Killing Ruby Rose - Jessie Humphries

Killing Ruby RoseKilling Ruby Rose by Jessie Humphries

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is how I wanted to feel reading this book:

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This is how I felt reading this book:

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I did enjoy some of this book, which makes it hard to rate, so I'm going with a straight 3. I knew this was YA. I enjoy YA. I loved the idea of the plot, Ruby was interesting most of the time when she wasn't busy making ridiculous decisions. The plot twists were really well thought out. If you enjoy an action packed story about a 17 year old hardcore heroine and can get over the crazy unrealistic storyline, then this book will be a quick and fun read. However, I had some problems as well:

So I struggle with how to rate this book, it held my attention for the first 50% for sure but then the other the top descriptive,and odd wording was just too much at points, there were so many commas in sentences, and over explanations as to why Ruby felt how she did... I wrote down some samples while reading...

"So why couldn’t I decide if I was relieved or disappointed? Excited or terrified? Appreciative or angry? Despite my growing catalogue of concerns, Liam was relentless about the dance. Even after I explained my aversion to underage binge drinking, awkward group dates, and cheesy picture stances, he still insisted that we go. All day at school, he went out of his way to make me smile, laugh, and forget. My answer went from a firm no, to a definite maybe, and then after his speech about being normal and going on our first real date, my answer turned into a hesitant yes."

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Some shorter ones without the entire paragraph include:
"Her eyes were vibrant but soft at the same time."
"You had me crazy, and constantly worried."
"He was totally hot, yet sensitive."
"Tasting him, breathing him, feeling him, wanting him."
"As we danced, whispered, and touched."
"Valedictorian contender or death penalty candidate? Founder of the Constitution Society or vigilante lawbreaker? Protector and defender or vengeful killer?"
"It was a thank you, an apology, and a desperate hope for the best."

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All of these were within a few pages of each other and the entire narrative is like this throughout the entire story. The descriptions, adjectives, adverbs, explanations, etc. were just so much, too explanatory, It was over the top for me. I love a good description and some great narrative but these constant, drawn out sentences were ridiculous and too much.

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