Thursday, April 11, 2013

Specials - Scott Westerfeld

Specials (Uglies, #3)Specials by Scott Westerfeld

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So this was my least favorite in the trilogy.  I am excited to read about someone new in Extras.  In this book Tally and her friends are Specials, not just Specials but Special Specials... Cutters.  They are a new breed of Specials.  They are on a mission to take out the rebels of the New Smoke!

Tally was pretty awful during this book, her character was that of Dr. Cable's doing but still, I didn't like her or identify with her until the end.  She was so different and I guess the author did a good job of making me dislike her character.  I was glad to see more of David in this one and how the New Smoke was revolutionizing the "world." 

Andrew Simpson Smith even makes a quick cameo!

The book was fast paced, a lot of it was action packed.  There wasn't really a dull moment but with all the action a lot of the thinking, conversations, and world that I liked in Uglies and Pretties faded away.

I'm glad I got some closure as to what happens and I liked the ending.  It suited Tally and the series.

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