Monday, September 24, 2012

Ceaseless - Abbi Glines - Existence Trilogy

Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy, #3)Ceaseless by Abbi Glines

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pagan is back with no memories of Dank, Leif, Gee, or most of her senior year of high school.  Her soul's mate from book two, Jay is to make an attempt at her heart and Dank will as well and who she chooses will be what decides if she will regain her old memories or not.  Dank is the ultimate swoon worthy guy.  He takes such good care of Pagan and I think every girl wants a little Death in her life. 

Jay is kind of a jerk right off so you don't really feel that spark or connection with him and Pagan is very matter of fact and I like that about her personality.  Who will she choose and will she regain her memories?

Words to the wise, this book has much more profanity than the others and a lot of sex.  Not just Pagan but all the characters and they talk about it a lot too.  It's not for the younger readers.

The book is a page turner and if you are a fan of the series you wont be able to put it down.  I read it in a single sitting with doesn't happen often.

So I love Abbi Glines work and was going to dock this one point due to the spelling errors in the beginning.  I read the few pages about the author and such at the end and she noted that she didn't have the book finished and ready for publication but a week til it's release.  The errors bothered me but after reading the book in it's entirety I decided not to dock it anything.

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