Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I'm on page 110ish on my book and thought I found an editor that I could actually count on and trust since I've shown NO ONE my work... but she seems to have flaked out. It was a family member who edits magazines so I figured perfect right?

I'm still stuck on Chapter 2 on the book I'm reading even though I know it will bet better I am just not fond of Bran as a name yet of the main hot guy. I just have so much going on, I am reading one and then have 2 more in line. Morganville Vampires book 10 came out yesterday and I badly want to cut out and skip to that one. I've been with that series for awhile and the last book was a letdown but so far the reviews on number 10 are really good. Hoping for a revival!!!

Finished the last of my son's peanut M&M's from trick 0r treat night so that's a bummer.

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