Friday, October 21, 2011


So I've been thinking, I cannot believe Becca Fitzpatrick was rejected 100 times before being published. The author of The Help had an article out recently saying something very similar. I hate thinking that reading is a dying art. Did you know there is a book called, It's a Book? It's for Children. It's crazy ridiculous. Check it out if you can. Teaching children what a book is?

I've finally been asked to check out an unpublished author's work. I think it's a start. Hopefully I can get back into the groove of my book as well. My husband has no faith I could handle 100 rejection letters. If I chose to go with an actual publishing company.

I love reviewing and reading as much as I love writing so either way I'm happy. If I could read all day I would. I think escaping into a different world than your own can be fantastic especially when you really need a break.

Anyone have any good series to recommend???


  1. I should say the first thought that popped in my mind about the rejection letters but I will be nice and keep that to myself.

  2. I know right!? Her books are amazing, she said over 100 rejections!!! Are you kidding me, now she's WORLDWIDE!!! So you should read some of my book and help me edit it, spruce it up a bit ya know???