Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So I met Becca Fitzpatrick and she was so down to earth, I loved it. I was 5th in Line and I almost peed my pants (I'm almost 30). Her talk before the signing was so great she was funny and had great advice. I just loved everything she said. Then when it was my turn to go up and meet her she asked if my name was Sarah and I froze and all I could muster up was a nod and a cheesy grin. That's it, no questions, no praises, nothing to help her remember me... I wanted to impress her and say, "HEY, my review of Silence is #1 on Amazon." But nothing came out.

I started reading Kami Garcia's latest installment Beautiful Disaster yesterday. I haven't had any time to read though since our car died Saturday, we had plumbing issues Sunday and dealt with most of them yesterday. So I plan on reading today... I've already read the first little tidbits from the short story she wrote about Link so I'm just catching up right now. I believe I'm in Chapter 3. I plan on reading after lunch when my kids nap.

Other than that, I love my new car and I can't wait to read. Morganville Vampires book 10 or 11 is it? Comes out November 1st so that's exciting. Anyone know is the House of Night books are any good?

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