Friday, August 30, 2013

Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken

RuinRuin by Rachel Van Dyken

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I bought this book because it was recommended by Amazon as a book I might like, the 5 star reviews sold me on it... I have only ever given maybe 1-2 (if that) 1 star review, and I hate giving poor reviews.

Okay, honestly, Kiersten is socially awkward to the point it is painful.  Her roommate makes it slightly more bearable.  Then you add in the roommates strangely over protective cousin.  This is Kiersten's posse.  Kiersten meets Wes, cliche popular and rich college football quarterback.  Their conversations were so awkward it made me uncomfortable to even read them.  I didn't understand any of their relationship or why the attraction was so strong.  Kiersten was weird and Wes was like a stalker (even referred to himself as one)...

I got almost halfway through this book, I forced myself to keep reading, but once I hit that spot around halfway I just couldn't do it.  I didn't believe the relationships, the dialogue and script was extremely basic, there was no depth to anyone or the story.  Just weird in my opinion and not for me.

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